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Our General Investigation Services

  • Spouse surveillance
  • Cheating partner investigations
  • Child custody and protection inquiries
  • Divorce evidence collection
  • Investigations into marriages of convenience
  • Infidelity investigations

Conducting General Investigations

General investigations delve into the personal realms of individuals’ lives, necessitating the highest level of discretion to safeguard both the subjects being investigated and their families’ reputations. At Eye Spy, confidentiality is our cornerstone, guaranteeing that our investigations proceed without attracting attention.

When we undertake a general investigation, our initial step involves grasping the essence of the case, necessitating your identification and details about the individuals involved. This approach enables us to select the most suitable techniques and tools for efficient evidence collection.

Should the client’s information on the subject be limited, our Eye Spy detectives are skilled at conducting background checks to assist in identifying the subject, ensuring you’re kept in the loop at every stage of the investigation.

Our investigative strategy may vary, employing diverse methods like monitoring communications and online behavior or carrying out surveillance. In certain scenarios, covert operations are pivotal in disclosing truths that other methods may not access.

The outcomes of our investigations can manifest in various formats — from photographs and audiovisual recordings to written documents. In cases involving child abuse or infidelity, we’re adept at procuring witness statements, and our investigators are prepared to stand in court to corroborate the evidence gathered.

Irrespective of the techniques used, we meticulously analyze all collected evidence, assembling a comprehensive report for your understanding. Eye Spy adheres to stringent confidentiality protocols, ensuring that only you and our investigative team are privy to the details of the investigation.

Why Hire A Private Investigator For General Investigation?

Many are reluctant to engage Eye Spy, choosing instead to tackle investigations into family or relationship issues themselves. Yet, pursuing such matters solo is challenging and time-consuming.

Eye Spy can shield you from the distress of personally uncovering uncomfortable realities, such as a partner’s infidelity. Discovering such truths can prompt hasty choices with adverse effects on you and your loved ones. Delegating your case to our professionals helps you steer clear of these issues.

Merely suspecting something isn’t enough to establish the truth. A detailed investigation, backed by solid evidence, is necessary. Eye Spy is ideally equipped for conducting comprehensive investigations, providing you with verifiable facts.

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