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General Investigation

We recognize the diverse disputes and issues families encounter, necessitating private investigations. Our trained private investigators can handle a range of cases, bringing you peace of mind.

Matrimonial Investigation

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss, especially when the alternative is grappling with harsh truths. If you opt for a matrimonial investigation, be prepared to face the realities it may unveil.

Commercial Investigation

Choosing a private investigator also guarantees discretion, allowing you to seek the truth without attracting undue attention.

Bug Sweeps

Choosing a professional for your bug sweep not only saves time but guarantees thorough and conclusive results

Background Check

Innovative background check solutions for both pre-employment and in-employment screening

Insurance Investigation

Hiring a private investigator for insurance fraud investigation in Singapore is the most reliable method to uncover the truth efficiently.

Why Choose Us


Ensure confidentiality and adhere to professional ethics


Deliver irrefutable evidence tailored to client needs


Specialized teams for corporate and personal investigations

Client Reviews

Eye spy private investigator was a game-changer for me. their professionalism, discretion, and use of modern techniques brought to light the evidence i needed, all while ensuring my privacy. truly outstanding service

During a tough time, eye spy private investigator provided clarity and peace of mind with their empathetic and thorough investigation. the incontrovertible evidence they supplied was exactly what i needed. highly recommended

Impressed with sg private investigator’s expertise and meticulous attention to detail. They managed my sensitive case with integrity, using advanced tools to uncover the truth efficiently. Their service is top-notch and trustworthy